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The Program

Bringing the industry ready Cloud & DevSecOps skills and expertise is at the core of our organisation. Since 2014, we have very successfully delivered 14 Ninja batches, thus transforming the careers of hundreds of professionals. With our unique focus on ‘learning by doing’ , DevOps Ninja has become one of the most coveted career oriented program.

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AWS NINJA - Phase 1
DevOps NINJA - Phase 2

DevOps Course Syllabus

Topics :

  • Linux Introduction
  • Linux Commands
  • Directory Structure
  • Linux User & Group Management
  • Bash Scripting
  • SSH
  • Text Processing
  • Process Management
  • Package Management

Topics :

  • Version Control System Introduction
  • Introduction to Git
  • Git Basic Commands
  • Git Branching
  • Git Advanced Commands
  • Git Workflows
  • Gitlab Initials

Topics :

  • Why Build tool
  • Types of build tools
  • Introduction to Maven
  • Maven vs Ant
  • Convention in Maven
  • Installation
  • Maven commands

Topics :

  • Introduction To SCM
  • Ansible VS other Players
  • Ansible Introduction
  • Setup Ansible Core
  • YAML Syntax
  • Ansible Adhoc Commands
  • Ansible Inventory
  • Ansible Module
  • Ansible Playbook
  • Ansible Playbook Advance
  • Ansible Role
  • Ansible Galaxy
  • Ansible Vault

Topics :

  • Introduction CI/CD
  • Introduction Jenkins
  • Installation - Getting started with Jenkins
  • Jobs and Projects
  • Jenkins Pipeline
  • Jenkins Post Build, Reporting and Notifications
  • Extending Jenkins
  • Advanced Build Configuration
  • Jenkins Agents/Nodes/Slaves/Distributed Builds
  • Code Coverage & Testing
  • Code Quality
  • Code Quality
  • Jenkins Security, Authentication and Authorization
  • Jenkins Shared Libraries
  • Jenkins Backup & Restore
  • Revision of VPC( Networking and EC2 )
  • Load Balancers
  • Autoscaling
  • IAM revision
  • S3
  • Cloudfront
  • Awscli
  • DNS system
  • Route53
  • Terraform introduction
  • Terraform resources, variables and output
  • Loops ( count and for_each )
  • Some meta Arguments ( ex . depends_on,data,dynamic block ,Backend configuration using terraform)
  • Terraform Modules

Topics :

  • Why MS
  • Virtualization vs Containerization
  • Docker Architecture
  • Docker Conatiner Lifecycle
  • Data Persist, Port Mapping and Env Variable
  • Docker Resource Utilization/Stats
  • Docker Networking
  • Dockerfile
  • Docker Compose
  • K8s Architecture
  • Pods
  • Labels n Selectors, Replicasets
  • Deployment
  • Service

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The Snatak period consists of industrial training where you are supposed to work on a specific project using various tools along with your teammates. This phase gives you a real life touch and feel of how projects can be in real life. The candidates are given planned and ad hoc tasks that need to be executed.


This round of discussion is a part of final evaluation after the DevOps Ninja program. There is a discussion round and technical round where the 3 month knowledge is tested, final CTC and offer is made to you to join full time as a DevOps Engineer and be work ready from Day 1.


This program is designed specifically for people in the advanced stage of their career who want to brush up their skill set and learn new skills and tools. This program enables you to learn DevOps in depth and continue without taking up a job with us. The price point for this program is slightly different from that of the Train-hire program.


This program is specifically designed for the candidates who want to continue with us i.e take up a job with us, designed for people in early stages of their career. In this case you will be signing a service agreement with us where you commit to stay with us throughout the course and thereafter continue working with us for a minimum of 2 years. We have in depth discussions around appraisal and CTC before one chooses to get into the phase. There will be specific cost implications if one chooses to leave anytime before the predefined period in the service agreement.


After the commencement of our 2 weeks program, where we shortlist a number of candidates on the basis of attitude, aptitude and dedication there is a detailed discussion around the candidature of these candidates.

  • We discuss the involvement required for the next 3 months.
  • We also discuss the CTC that we will be able to provide after the course concludes.
  • We discuss the total time and resources commitment required from your side and what we offer from our side.


This is the first phase of the DevOps Ninja program. The entry fee for the program is Rs 2000/-. At this phase candidates get a taste of what the course is. This gives a chance to the people for the candidates to assess the quality of our training or involvement and our teaching methodology. This phase pays special attention to AWS and everything around it.See this as the first step to building a career in DevOps.

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