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Pankaj Kumar

Being part of the DevOps ninja program was a very insightful journey for me. This program teaches theoretical (what and why portions) and practical aspects very well and together we learned how to automate everything using DevOps tools. The program has a focus on If so, why? If not, why not? instead of just knowledge of any tool.

Shweta Tyagi

Devops Ninja Program is career oriented program If you are willing to start your career as DevOps, then DevOps Ninja program is career-oriented and a best option to enhance your DevOps skills. The training includes hands-on activities, live practicals and tracking daily tasks. I highly recommend this program for everyone who wants to become a DevOps engineer.

Sudipt Sharma

Ninja Program helped me to enhance my learning skills with the optimum focus on theory, backing that up with excruciating Hands-on practice, Continuous evaluation and keeping track of our progress. This provided constant feedback and reality check which motivated me to strive for more.

Rajat Vats

“DevOps Ninja Program” made sure that we do not just recite theories, quote statistics, and recount case studies. Sessions are focused to enable us to figure out what is wrong with a module and fix it then just know the troubleshooting tips.

The program is very relevant and works towards making you a full-stack DevOps!!

Ninja Journey


College graduate

Infrastructure and Enterprise Engineer III (Expedia Group, Gurugram)

Ishan Gupta

College graduate

SDE-II DevOps (Junglee Games, Gurgaon)

Abhishek Kapil

College graduate

Sr. Associate Consultant (DevOps), (Infosys)

Lovedeep Sharma

College graduate

DevOps Lead, (Call Sign, Abu Dhabi)

Amit Rana

College graduate

Technical DevOps Lead, (MFS Africa)

Amit Kumar

College graduate

Sr.DevOps Engineer- (Spinny)

Ninja Passouts



Vinod Siwach

Ajay Panwar

Jigha kapoor

Neha Sinha

Gurdeep Singh

Abhishek Kumar